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Indian bed cover

Indian bed cover

Purchasing an Indian bed cover can be a great way to make your room look colorful and festive. You can choose a patchwork quilt bedspread that is handmade in India, or you can go for a traditional one that uses vintage india sari patches. Both of these options feature rich colors, beautiful designs, and artistic touches. Each of these bed covers is unique, making them a wonderful way to personalize your bedroom.

Tumble dry Indian bed cover

The Tumble Dry Indian bed cover is made from cotton that has been certified as organic. This sheet is made of long-staple Supima cotton. It is also made from plant-based Tencel lyocell. The cotton covers are soft and come in various colors. They can be machine-washed in cold water and tumble-dried on low heat.

Tumble-drying your Indian bed cover is easy. Simply turn the cover so that the underside is on the outside of the dryer. This will ensure that most of the drying agitation takes place on the outer side of the cover. Be sure to avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softener as these can fade the color.


A Handcrafted Indian bed cover makes the perfect home decor item. These beautiful bed spreads are handcrafted using 100% cotton. You can easily wash and dry them, too. They make a beautiful gift for someone special. Cotton Indian bed covers are extremely breathable and lightweight. They can also be machine washed.

These bed spreads feature shades of vibrant colour with kantha stitching on the front. You can buy these bed spreads at discounted prices. They also make a beautiful wall hanging, table cloth, or beach cover up. The quality is outstanding. They are also made using traditional methods and materials.

Kantha quilts are traditional Indian quilts. They’re typically handmade and made from scraps of fabric. They’re stitched with intricate designs. They’re a beautiful addition to any bedroom, and they’re incredibly durable. Local artisans in India stitch these quilts to perfection. They’re sure to last for decades, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting an excellent value for your money.

If you’re shopping for a Handcrafted Indian bed cover, it’s important to choose the right size. The size of the bed cover will depend on the size of the mattress. Some covers are small enough to fit a single queen bed, but you might want a larger one for a king-sized bed.

100% cotton

If you are looking for a unique and comfortable bed cover, a 100% cotton Indian bed cover is just what you need. These covers are handcrafted and made from the finest organic cotton. They can be easily washed and tumbled dry. Cotton is also an excellent choice because it is breathable and lightweight.

You can find these covers in white, stone, or navy color. They feature a subtle embroidery and are 100% organic. They are also certified by the Fair Trade and Oeko-Tex organizations. These cover makers are based in Portugal and use sustainable textiles in their production. This means you’ll be buying a high-quality bed cover that will last for many years.

You can also choose a duvet cover made of Egyptian cotton. These covers are considered one of the most luxurious fabrics on the market. They are made from 100% long-staple cotton, which is soft and pliable. It also has a silky feel and a high thread count. The covers are also made with simple buttons, making them easy to close.


Patchwork bed covers are a wonderful way to add some flair to your bedroom. They’re made from old cotton sarees and other scraps of fabric, and the rich colors and patterns are breathtaking. Each piece of patchwork is unique and beautifully crafted. This patchwork style is very popular in India, where they’re often referred to as kantha quilts.

Patchwork Indian bed covers have a long history of tradition and are an ideal choice for your bedroom. They’re also very comfortable, which is important in India, especially during the hot summer. Batik bedding is another great option when it comes to creating a stylish look in your room. A patterned duvet cover is also a great way to add a touch of Indian flair to your decor.

Solid color

If you want to make your room look classy and elegant, you can use solid color bed sheets. They’re extremely easy to find, and you’ll find that cotton and polycotton varieties are soft and durable. You can even buy a set with decorative wall art and throw pillows. You won’t have to worry about putting in a comforter or filling.