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Indian mattress

The Indian mattress market is fragmented with many players, both branded and non-branded. It is also characterized by local distribution channels. The report analyzes the major players in the Indian mattress market and their products. While the unorganized sector is currently dominating the market, the organized sector is also expanding with the increasing demand for good quality mattresses in the country.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton Indian mattresses have a variety of benefits. For starters, they are completely natural and can be washed. They can also be dried in the sun. This method brings out the natural fluffiness of organic cotton and wool. The sunlight also kills bacteria and spores. It is best to dry the mattress on a deck or patio chair. However, if you are allergic to pollen, it is best to avoid exposing your mattress to the sun.

Another benefit of an organic cotton mattress is its softness. The material is naturally cooling in the summer, and can keep you warm in the winter. It is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people who suffer from allergies. The fabric used to make organic cotton Indian mattresses is known as Suvin cotton. Its fibers are 38mm in length and are 3-10 micronaire, compared to the 3.7-4.7 micronaire of cotton used for most other fabrics.

Organic cotton is also more environmentally friendly. Most organic cotton fibers are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Moreover, organic cotton is cultivated in family farms in India, where farmers are paid 50% more than their conventional counterparts. Organic cotton has an additional benefit: it is free of flame retardants.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, a 100% cotton mattress is easy to transport and has a soft feel. These qualities make them a favorite among campers, trekkers, and people living in humid climates. Organic cotton mattresses are available in different sizes in India and can be found at furniture stores in Europe and the U.S.

Pocket springs

A pocket spring mattress is a great way to add extra comfort to your bed. The pocket springs are what give your mattress its bounce and support. This type of mattress also has multiple layers of different densities that help relieve pressure points on the body. This type of mattress is also extremely durable and has a lifespan of about six to eight years.

Another advantage of a pocket spring mattress is its motion isolation. Because the springs are individually wrapped, the motion you make while shifting isn’t transferred to the springs next to you. This helps provide a more restful sleep, as you don’t wake up feeling the rest of your partner’s body shifting. Additionally, some of these mattresses have foam layers that add extra motion isolation. Latex foam and convoluted foam are great options for this purpose.

Those who are looking for a pocket spring mattress should choose one made from premium materials. Several companies offer high-end luxury mattresses that have multiple layers to keep you comfortable. One brand that specializes in pocket spring technology is Springtek. This brand offers an array of models, including mattresses for single and double beds. They also sell custom-sized mattresses.

Apart from the quality of the spring system, you should also consider the density of the foam. A low density foam can lead to a bad sleeping experience. It may cause your back and other parts of your body to ache during the night. This is why a good innerspring pocket coil mattress should have a high-density foam and convoluted or thick support layers.

Memory foam

If you’re looking for an orthopedic memory foam mattress in India, you’ll be happy to know that there are several high-quality brands to choose from. A few of these brands are well-known in the country, and they all offer free trial periods. You’ll be able to test their mattresses in 30 nights, and you’ll be able to see the difference in comfort and support yourself.

The main advantage of a memory foam mattress is that it molds to your body shape and temperature, so it feels great when you lie down. You’ll find that it provides even pressure relief, and it helps you keep your spine aligned. This mattress is also great for people with back pain or arthritis, as it evenly distributes your weight. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from medium-firm to firm foam, which is good for those who suffer from injury pain or lower back pain.

If you’re a healthy weight and have a regular work and sleep schedule, memory foam mattresses are ideal for you. The memory foam mattress will contour around your body, creating a warm hug-like feeling. For the average Indian household, these mattresses are the best option. Whether you’re a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper, this mattress will give you a great night’s rest.

When buying a memory foam mattress, you should also be sure to check the foam’s durability. A mattress should be at least 6 inches thick. A foam that is too soft will collapse under your body weight. Another factor to consider is the price. Cheaper versions may contain harmful chemicals. If you can afford it, look for one with an eco-friendly rating.

Natural fibers

The natural fibers used in Indian mattresses are highly valued for their excellent postural support. These fibers are easy to obtain and offer many advantages over synthetics. They are also environment-friendly. In addition, they are widely used for textiles and are undergoing extensive research throughout the world. For example, the quality of cotton, wool, and silk is often dependent on its type and age.

In recent years, a growing number of mattress makers have started integrating organic materials into their mattresses to make them more environmentally friendly. Organic mattresses are typically made with natural fibers and materials and are certified by well-respected organizations, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard and the United States Department of Agriculture. An organic Indian mattress made from natural fibers like cotton is a great choice. However, these types of mattresses tend to be more expensive due to the country’s climate.

Coir mattresses are made from natural fibers obtained from coconut. They are eco-friendly because they do not contain harmful chemicals. Additionally, they are good for the skin and health of the user. They also provide a supportive and comfortable environment for the body. A coir mattress may not be for everyone but it can be a great choice for those who have allergies or suffer from snoring.

Futons are made of organic cotton, which is an excellent choice for those who are concerned about their back. Moreover, they do not have unnecessary coils and memory layers. In addition, they are made by a workshop certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


A reversible mattress offers both comfort and support. One side is made with a medium-soft foam layer, and the other side is made with a high-resilience foam layer. It is pocket-friendly, while providing excellent lumbar and spinal support. It is available in both firm and soft versions.

Indian mattresses come in a variety of sizes and styles. Those made of foam are generally firm, while those made of memory foam are softer. A memory foam mattress is a good option for the humid climate in India, as it retains body heat and keeps the sleeper cool. Its breathable outer layer combats odour, while its high-resilient support foam maintains its rigidity and shape over time.


In India, consumers prefer to buy a mattress in a retail store and test it for comfort and size. Cotton beds require less maintenance and are cheaper, although it requires seasonal maintenance. Cotton beds are most commonly used in rural areas. This trend could be countered by awareness campaigns aimed at educating consumers on the science behind mattress manufacturing.

The cost of a mattress in India varies greatly. There are several factors that contribute to its cost. The type of mattress is a major factor in its price. The most expensive mattresses in India are made from memory foam or orthopaedic materials, while the cheaper models are made from pocket springs or innersprings.

If you are interested in buying an Indian mattress, you can find one from a reputable retailer. Some retailers offer EMI schemes. However, many consumers are not aware of this scheme, and retailers need to promote it widely. One way to reach these consumers is to advertise in hostels and other places that students and working professionals stay in. A good way to advertise a mattress in these places is to offer a free trial. In this way, working professionals and students will get to know the benefits of a new mattress.

Another option for the consumer is to buy a mattress online. Some of the most popular online brands are Sunday Mattress, Peps Mattress, and Kurlon. The former is a trusted brand and offers a 100-night trial period, and you can even get a refund if you don’t like it.