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Indian bedspread

An Indian bedspread can be made of many different materials, depending on its purpose. You can choose a Handcrafted bedspread, a Block printed bedspread, or a Tapestry. Depending on its purpose, an Indian bedspread can be used as a coverlet, tablecloth, or picnic blanket. It can also be a piece of fabric for craft projects.


A handcrafted Indian bedspread brings a traditional element to the bedroom. Its vibrant patterns and motifs can easily pair with other wall decor, such as a painting or tapestry. The bedclothes can also be dressed up in a number of ways, from contrasting light and dark colours to adorning a bed canopy.

These beautiful quilts are made from ethically sourced cotton and packaged with care. They are never machine-made and are unique, with only eight in each batch. These quilts are also made by hand in Jaipur. This ensures that the quality of the finished product is high. Unlike other bedclothes that are mass produced in large factories, this piece of art is truly one-of-a-kind.

You can also choose a bedclothe with a motif that depicts a tropical place or animal. For example, a bedspread with a tree motif can create a tropical feel. Its soft colors will be complemented by a gold vase or other decor accents.

The kantha quilt, which was originally used for carrying babies, is another popular style of Indian bedspread. It is made from cotton and silk and features intricate prints and patterns of birds and flowers. It has a soft texture due to the layers of cotton saris. Another popular style is the Lep Kantha, which is seven layers thick and is often adorned with geometric designs. Both the Lep and Sujni quilts are traditionally used as guest bedspreads.

100% cotton

Authentic Indian bedspreads made of 100% cotton are an excellent choice for your home. Handcrafted from cotton and hand block sanganeri prints, they are durable and are made in the state of Rajasthan. These spreads can be machine-washed and tumble-dried.

If you prefer a dryer, you can use a low-heat setting, but make sure to turn it inside out so the underside is exposed to the most agitation. Be sure to avoid dryer sheets and fabric softeners, as these will cause the dyes to fade.

Block printed

Block printing is an ancient craft that has been practiced in India for centuries. Bedspreads are an important product of this tradition. The block printer’s main tools are wooden blocks that have been carved with relief designs. The blocks are made from seasoned teak wood and each has a handle for easy movement. Excess printing paste is pushed out of the blocks through the holes in the handle.

Many Indian bedspreads are made of cotton. They are machine washable and tumble dried. They are also a perfect gift for your loved ones. Indian domestic interiors are simple and often include a prayer mat. Although many Indians don’t know it, Indian textiles have had a major impact on the history of Western interior design. The words calico, chintz, and madras all have Indian origins.


If you want to add some exotic touch to your bedroom, opt for an Indian bedspread with the style of a tapestry. This beautiful bedcover is adorned with intricate designs and is made from 100% cotton. The material is durable and skin friendly. Its colourfastness means that it won’t fade, even after repeated use. It is also available in a variety of sizes, making it an excellent choice for any bedroom.

Tapestries are not just great as bedspreads – they are perfect for a variety of different purposes. They are a perfect way to add color to your room, and they can even brighten up old tables and sofas. You can find them in round or rectangular shapes, so you can pick one that suits your bed size and design.

Kashmere bedspreads come in a variety of colors and designs. Made from fine sheep wool, they have a soft and non-ichy feel. They can be found in two styles, with fringes on two or four ends. They are a beautiful choice for your bedroom, and you can find a larger selection at Vaci street.


Applique is a textile technique in which decorative fabric shapes are sewed onto a background fabric. The technique has ancient roots and has been practiced for centuries. Indian bedspreads made with applique feature geometric patterns and free-flowing designs. They add an element of individuality to a room, and are a great way to add contrast to a neutral decor. The process involves using a needle to cut pieces of fabric and sew them on to a larger piece of fabric.

Appliqued Indian bedspreads are made with two layers of material. The base layer may be made from cotton or organdie, and the top layer is cut into motifs or patterns and stitched onto the base fabric. There are several different types of stitching used in applique work, and sometimes tiny mirrors are used to add detail to the piece. The website I linked to shows both white and coloured appliqued bedspreads from Gujarat and Orissa.